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The water line that connects your home to the city meter or to a private well can break and have a leak leading to water waste and increased water bills. Perez Plumbing Inc can locate the leak area and advise if new piping will be necessary or a just a repair will solve the problem.

The water line is typically a cooper piping, galvanized steel, PVC or polyethylene. Each of these has a disadvantage and can eventually leak. Copper is sturdy but can have damage from chemical reactions with minerals. Galvanized steel is also durable but rusts easily. PVC doesn’t rust but can easily move underground and break. Lastly, polyethylene can break down from chlorine.

When repairing or replacing your water line service we treat your home with great care and do our best to not disrupt your landscaping and leave your yard how it was. We provide competitive pricing and give you an estimate up front with detail on the repair.

We also are experienced in fixing water leaks in your home. A water leak can occur behind walls, under your home, or anywhere in between. Don’t let that water leak get out of control and cause more interior damage! We can locate this leak and get it fixed within a timely manner. This can also cause low water pressure in your sinks and showers. First we would check the build up from minerals and check for clogs in your piping before investigating a leak. Once we know where the water pressure issue is, we can proved professional advice on your best options for repair.