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At Perez Plumbing, we offer a professional drain cleaning service to commercial and residential customers in Kent and the surrounding areas. Drains are difficult to clear and chemicals are not always effective or safe to use for helping the clog.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning Service – Does your tub or shower hold water too long after bathing? Soap residue and hair are a constant culprit of shower drain clogs. We can clear this clog quickly.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service – Is your garbage disposal not getting rid of the food or leaving your sink draining for too long? Perez Plumbing can remove the grease and food particles left in your sink’s drain to get your disposal moving again. We can also repair and install a new garbage disposal as needed.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning Service – Toothpaste, hair and soap can get caught in this drain. We can clear these clogs to have your pipes in better working condition.

Floor Drain Cleaning Service – Awful smell coming from that drain in your garage, laundry room or basement? These drains can link to the sewer causing odors to come back up when the drain is not clearing properly. We can clean the floor drain out to allow proper drainage flow.

For all of our drain cleaning services we provide you with a price and scope of work prior to any labor.

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