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Is your home built before 1990? If you are experiencing discolored water, waiting too long for hot water, water leaks, or low water pressure, it could be time for a repiping service. Perez Plumbing Inc are experts on getting your home repiped with up to date materials.


Many homeowners choose copper however PEX piping is a great option for your water lines due to its flexibility, lower cost, and easy installation.

We will plan out your new water line system to show what it will take including demolition of walls and ceilings and give you an estimate timeline for completion. If you would like a hot water re-circulation system, we can discuss the benefits of this option and you can save tons of hot water in your home. With this option, your hot water can return to the water heater instead of being wasted down the drain when not used.

Are you building a home or remodeling and need piping in your new construction? We are experienced in new piping construction and can build out a piping system for your remodel or home construction.

No matter what your needs, Perez Plumbing Inc is a quality plumber company and will add value to your home by getting those pipes replaced and provide better water quality to your home.