Using our high powered hydro jetter, we can scrub the sides of dirty drains, break apart clogs, and flush out residue from your sewage system. This is the most effective cleansing method and can handle any size piping for both commercial and residential needs.

Clogged Drain or Sewer? – Perez Plumbing can clean your system with our new jetter drain cleaning service. Lines can get clogged up over time with substances like soap, sand and grease. This leads to build up and partial drainage and slow pipes. 

Our jetter drain cleaning is a perfect solution that lasts long term for clogged drains that have been almost closed off from residue build-up. The machine is a high powered pressure washer using 1,500 to 4,000 pounds of water pressure to clean out the blockage in your clogged drain. The wand snakes through the pipes and cleans the drain lines with high powered jets and the movement of the wand clears blocks and scrubs the pipes clear. This kind of cleaning is really effective for restaurants, hotels, condominium buildings, and hospitals and residential kitchen sinks and all sewers. 

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