Drain Clearing and Cleaning

Sometimes it can take more than a chemical to clear out a clogged drain. Our professional drain cleaning services will unclog toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, garbage disposals, etc. We are affordable and provide quality, quick service for residential and commercial customers. During time of service we can provide a drain safety inspection as well.

Water Line Repair

Do you suspect a water leak in your lines? Increased water bills could be a clue that your main water line is leaking. Perez Plumbing can fix any break in your water line by a small excavation, repairing or replacing the water system, and backfilling the area. With a professional crew, Perez Plumbing will provide quick and quality service and have your water line back and fixed in no time.


Are your pipes outdated and no longer efficient? Older homes can need new pipes if you are experiencing consistent leaks in your system. We replace water piping with new copper or pex pipe. We will prepare a plan for the new water system for your review and try to minimize damage to your homes walls and exterior areas. With new pipes, your water will have better pressure and less future problems.

Toilet Installation and Repair

With our toilet repair services we can repair clogs, leaks, running toilets and any flushing issues. Need a replacement? We can replace toilets with new high efficiency and low flow models that are easy on your budget and work great. Our professional plumber staff have many years of experience with toilet repair services and are knowledgeable on current toilet options available in your price range.

Water Heater Repair or Installation

We service all water heaters including gas, electric, and tankless. If your water heater is broken or damaged beyond repair, we can provide a quote for replacement and installation or repair. Whether your water heaters has been damaged due to leaking or cracking or is just no longer creating hot water, we offer affordable estimates and will provide a detailed quote before any repairs are done. 

Tub/Shower Repair or Installation

Looking to update your bathroom? We can order and install any tub or shower for your home. Some options include steel tubs, fiberglass, cast iron, and more. We can install new fixtures as well into your shower or tub and offer options for better water pressure and/or water efficiency. Does your tub or shower have a break or leak? We can evaluate if a just a repair is needed or if a new one will be necessary.